August / September 2019

The latest baby gear for posh and frugal moms. “I’ll also throw in a ZizzyBee Bag or two in my diaper bag. These washable storage bags are a better alternative to plastic bags and perfect for a mom on the go who wants to contain clutter. I’m already using one in my pool bag for wet bathing suits and another one for my make-up.

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Keeping it safe

This Halloween when you’re out having fun with the kids, make sure everyone stays safe by planning ahead. The night can get a little hectic with so many parents and kids out and about, so it’s good to prepare and get organized so you can be ready for the fun holiday.

If you are heading out with younger kids it’s especially important to prepare them so no one gets scared or overwhelmed by all the activity. ZizzyBee Bags founder and mom of two, Lisa Paul Heydet, shares five great tips for parents to prepare for Halloween trick-or-treating.

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Women can be so difficult to buy for, especially if you know a woman that likes unusual gifts (like me). That’s why I’ve put together several unusual stocking stuffer ideas for women – whether it’s your mother, your wife, your girlfriend, or your daughter (or even your boss!).

While some people are busy decking out their homes for Christmas, I’m still shopping Halloween clearance but there are plenty of people actively doing there Christmas shopping NOW. I envy you people.

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Oh, stockings… You used to be fun and kind of exciting to fill. Now, not so much. These days, we as parents don’t need as much, and it gets harder and harder to find items that fill a stocking. I get it, the criteria is tough. You gotta find items that aren’t too expensive, won’t collect dust after the holidays, and hopefully seem even remotely *kinda* gifty.

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Save space and maximize comfort by selecting items for your day pack that have a dual purpose. For example, a portable changing pad that also stores diapers and wipes will maximize comfort for baby, while also helping you to keep items organized. Multipurpose, see-through, quick-dry mesh ZizzyBee Bags are great for storing sunscreen, bathing suits, goggles and gadgets. Pop them in your day pack to find snacks, toys and toiletries quickly, or to keep diapers and wipes easily accessible.

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It’s finally time for the kids to go back to school and it’s important to make sure they have everything they need to start off strong. From snacks to bags and even wipes for when things get sticky, we’ve got you covered! Producer Taylor is here with another Producer Perks with all of these must-have items for this school year.
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A new baby (and mommy!) need SO many things, it is true! Below, are some great finds and a printable baby essentials checklist on new baby toys and gear! 

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…from toiletries, diapers/wipes, make-up and sports gear, to even purse clutter! These handy compact reusable bags are convenient for every part of your life. Pack snacks and toys for road trips to grandma’s, or for those wet swimsuits after a day at the beach.

Reduce single-use bag waste while keeping life’s clutter cleaned up. With two eco-friendly bag sizes to choose from, ZizzyBee Bags are a perfect fit for all your home storage and travel needs.

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While ZizzyBee bags actually started out as toy organization bags, it quickly became apparent that these multi-use, eco-friendly storage bags had a virtually limitless number of uses. They are perfect for purse clutter, crayons and art supplies, sunscreen and other swim gear, toys, toiletries while traveling, snack/lunch bag, and so much more.

But while home organization is exciting, ZizzyBee Bags has even bigger goals in mind. Lisa aims to be a business at the forefront of the war on plastic.

Plastic waste is such a problem that floating islands of waste have accumulated in the Pacific ocean. The biggest garbage-island is twice the size of the state of Texas and weighs as much as 500 jumbo jets.

A 3-pack of ZizzyBee Bags replaces 1000+ large, single-use plastic ziplock bags per year. For every family that makes this choice, we can significantly cut down on plastic waste in the US.

To further this vision, Lisa is launching the Plastic Pledge to partner with brands that have created products that replace plastic alternatives or use recycled ocean plastic. Ten percent of proceeds will be donated to plastic clean-up projects in our oceans.

“Together, we can create change,” Lisa says, “and it starts with education.”

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ZizzyBee Bags are a perfect fit for all your home storage and travel needs. It’s time to stop using plastic bags and switch to ZizzyBee Bags which are washable, reusable and eco-friendly.Check us out- the uses are endless.