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Zizzy Bee Bags (3 pack)

August 2013

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Shopping Wives

ZizzyBee Bags

Zizzybee Bags
I was sent an item called ZizzyBee bags.  This bag is perfect for all the items I listed above and MORE.  What I liked about them was the designs they offer.  They all have fun designs and colors.  Another thing I liked was the fact you can get different sizes.
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These eliminate the need for baskets and bins and makes toys portable and travel in a snap. The attractive bags look good hanging from a hook or stacked in a diaper bag or suitcase. They are easily packable and transportable for vacations, gym and work, road trips, school, grandparent’s house, playdates, strollers and so much more.
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If you’re wondering what you should pack for your child’s day summer camp, Meredith Sinclair of is here to help. One of Meredith’s favorite things to pack? ZizzyBee Bags!

Bambino Toy Bags

Last week we took a 5 hours flight with the girls out to Arizona & then took the red eye home. It wasn’t easy, but it was a lot better then expected. It was the first time we flew with both girls since Alex could walk. Something about doubling the number of active little ones on the plane terrified me. Alex is a very wild child. Like most 20 month olds, she only stops moving when she is sleeping. The flight left at 9am, so we were literally flying during her most active hours of the day!

I was nervous, but knew we could do it & that once we landed, a wonderful family vacation awaited.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard this in the airport:

“Wow you have your hands full” or “Whoa you’re brave traveling with them”

A lot of people think I’m crazy for flying with two little ones, but it’s usually not a bad experience at all. Also,  I try to remember: my kids won’t be the first or last kids to cry on a plane.

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ZizzyBee Bags

For awhile now I had been putting the kids bathroom essentials in little tubs and then under the sink.  Does anyone want to guess how long that lasted?  Well the lids are still there but never on tubs and toothbrushes and hairbrushes are near the tubs but never generally in them.  The tubs take up more room than I would prefer but the original intentions was to keep everything neat and tidy.

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Tiffany Reviews

ZizzyBee Bags Review & Giveaway

3 ZizzyBee Bags Hanging
This company sent over some of their nifty toy bags.. I am not one for organizing since my boys tend to wreck it when I put away. Though we just bought a new car and I needed something to use to keep my car toy organized! I like how they come in different sizes and colors so they each can have their own bags to use. They are also great in the tub, at pool time fun, outside, anywhere really they are drain the water and have that water like plastic material on the designs. The bags are perfect, the zippers work great, the bags expand to the toys, and they are just so fun to carry around. My son can shove like 50 hot wheels in one the big one’s and like 30 in the small ones. The bags measuring at 12.5″ x 12.5″, these durable mesh bags with zipper can be used for toys, travel, gifts, storage and more! It’s not only a toy bag, but so much more. Bags are made in the U.S.A.

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Have baby will travel

In preparation for our upcoming travels, I took advantage of a promo code to order more of one of my favorite “organization” products, Bambino Toy Bags. These are awesome storage bags for all things kid related (and for adult things for that matter).
These bags are so awesome I thought I would share them with you. Here are some photos of the Mini Fashionista’s things being prepped for our big trip to Europe. One bag holds crayons, stickers and coloring books. Another bag is full of new books and another DVDs and her headphones.
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Baby Mama Loves

Bambino Toy Bags

We have a baby.  She has a diaper bag.  You know that, as a parent, you have to shove all different kinds of things into the bag when you go out.  Outfits, diapers, wipes, burp rags, toys, binky, bottle, blankets, etc.  This list goes on.  After you shove the diaper bag full of all this stuff, how do you get to the things on the bottom?  You have to unpack the whole thing.  Time consuming and not a pleasant prospect when you are faced with a diaper blow-out on a nasty changing table in a public restroom!
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