Non Candy Easter Gifts – Easter Treats Not Sweets!

Non Candy Easter Gifts – Easter Treats Not Sweets!

Hoppity Hop. The Easter Bunny is coming soon!  Check out our top 10 Easter Basket gifts that are not candy.  Why limit the sugary treats in your kids Easter Basket?  Check this out:

Adults are advised by the WHO to only have 6 teaspoons of sugar per day:
8-16 years 5 teaspoons per day
5-8 years 4 teaspoon per day
2-5 years 3 teaspoons per day
0-2 years none

As reference, 4 grams of sugar is equal to one teaspoon of sugar.

“Just to highlight that on average kids will probably get 3 Easter eggs.

  • Small Easter eggs on average have 14 teaspoons
  • Medium Easter eggs on average have 23 teaspoon
  • Large Easter eggs on average have 37 teaspoons
  • Extra-large Easter eggs on average have 60 teaspoons” (Easter Sugar Rush – Be Careful!)  

In our kid’s Easter Basket we do add the dark chocolate Dove Easter Eggs which have less sugar. In 9 eggs there are 13 grams of sugars so that’s 3.25 teaspoons of sugar.

Based on research there are links between kids’ high-sugar diets and problems with sleep, learning and emotional health, not to mention serious conditions like diabetes and fatty liver disease.” (Source: children’s health expert Michael Goran)

1 in 6 kids are obese. As parents we have a responsibility to ensure our children are healthy and learn healthy eating habits. If not, it could be a lifelong struggle for them. Of course having a treat on Easter is a must. Just watch how many treats and remember there is always the next day to have another treat.

Anyway they always say – a moment on the lips, forever on the hips. So try these Easter Treats instead of sweets:

#1 Bunny Earrings for Kids

Chanteur Kids is the best kids jewelry company with cute earrings for kids, necklaces, bracelets and more. We love Chanteur because their jewelry is non-toxic and uses no icky materials like heavy metals or carcinogens like cadmium (manufacturers could no longer use lead so they switched to cadmium which is just as dangerous!).

Chanteur has mermaids, unicorns, ballerinas, butterflies, hearts, birthstones, turtles, llamas, and many more cute jewelry for kids.

$28 regular price – sale – FREE with orders $40+ (use code EASTER) – click to shop cute earrings for kids.

EASTER SALE: Spend $40 get a free pair of bunny earrings for kids! Make sure you add at least $40 in jewelry to your cart, then add the bunny earrings you want, enter code EASTER at checkout, and $28 will be taken off your order.

For bunny Easter earrings for kids, they have two designs:

cute earrings for kids

#2 Slumberkins

Looking for a beautiful way to connect to your child? Slumberkins is our favorite educational emotional learning products for children. Slumberkins provides resources to help you and your child connect, building confidence and tools for life. Each “comfy creature” comes with a board book and affirmation card. Their stuffed animals are stuffed with hypoallergenic fiberfill and have adorable names like Hammerhead Kin (promotes conflict resolution), Honey Bear kin (promotes gratitude), Unicorn Kin (promotes authenticity), and many more.

Our Easter pick is the Sloth Kin, which encourages healthy routine skills in children. When children realize the importance of routines, they see their day is full of structure and fun. Tools that can be continued into a successful adulthood, full of self care, routine, and independence.

$45 (Slumberkin, Board Book, & Affirmation Card)

Click to shop best stuffed animals for Easter Baskets.

Educational Emotional Learning Products For Children

#3 Bunny Hooded Kids Towel

I love adding useful gifts to my kid’s Easter basket and what is more useful than a cozy, warm hooded bath towel? BabyMori offers our favorite organic bunny hooded towel for toddlers. This towel is 100% organic cotton, soft and fluffy, and even has an option for personalization. Absorbs 250x more water than regular cotton! Geared toward ages 1-3, this bunny hooded towel offers a great alternative to those Easter sugary treats.

$44 – Bunny Hooded Towel for Kids

organic bunny hooded towel for kids

#5 Easter Painting Activity

Including a craft is a perfect Easter gift. We love the paint your own wooden bunnies kid craft by Mondo Llama. This 3pk Easter Wood Bunny with Paints comes with three wooden bunnies to paint and six different pain colors. Suitable for kids age 3 and up.

If you haven’t heard or seen by now, Mondo Llama is one of Target’s own brands focused on arts and crafts products for kids and adults alike. We love that they collaborated with a diverse group of global artists to create over 70 pieces of artwork for the items’ labels – they certainly will pop from an Easter Basket!

Best part – affordable.

$4.50 – wooden bunnies with paint for kids Easter

wooden bunny with paints for kids Easter

#6 Easter Activity Books

I love adding activity books in my son’s Easter Basket so when we go out for Easter Brunch at the restaurant he has some fun things to keep him entertained at the table. This Easter Activity Book for kids is perfect for kids ages 4-8. It has a variety of activities such as mazes, dot to dot, word search, and coloring. Best of all, it’s all Easter themed.

$7.97 – Easter Activity Book for Kids

Easter activity book for kids

Wow, 68 pages of a downloadable completely free activity book for Easter! This free Easter activity printables book from Just Family Fun offers so much Easter fun for your kids and they will be learning at the same exact time.  Math, art, and comprehension are some of the skills that are incorporated; learned through stenciling, tracing, math problems, and even an activity of “I spy.”

FREE – Easter Activity Book Printables

free easter activity printables

For younger kids, check out this personalized wooden Easter puzzle – how adorable! You can personalize, customize, and just have fun designing a perfect gift for you little one.

Sale Price: $18.44 – Personalized Name Easter Puzzle for Kids

wooden Easter puzzle personalized name

#7 Natural Nail Polish for Kids

Does your little girl just love painting those little piggies, but the thought of those chemicals make you think twice? In fact, the inventor of Piggy Paint was painting her little girl’s nails over a Styrofoam plate and the nail polish that dripped on the plate ate a hole right through it!  She thought, what is this doing to kids who put their hands in their mouths often? So she invented a non-toxic, natural nail polish for kids called Piggy Paint.

This completely natural and safe nail polish for kids come in fun gift sets. The Piggy Paint Funny Bunny Gift set is an amazing Easter gift for that princess of yours. Comes with:

  • 0.25 oz. PINKie Promise Nail Polish
  • 0.25 oz. Dragon Tears Nail Polish
  • 0.25 oz. Tutu Cool Nail Polish
  • 0.25 oz. Sea-quin Nail Polish
  • PLUS A Flower Nail Art Pack!

We love the fun names of the colors!

$19.99 – Natural Nail Polish for Kids

natural safe nail polish for kids

#8 Gardening Gifts

Listed as number one on MomLovesBest, this kid gardening set is a great gift for Easter.  The set is suitable for ages 3 and up, with parts that are completely safe for kids. It includes an apron that is washable, gloves, a spray bottle, shovel, sun hat, rake, and even a bag for gardening. Perfect opportunity to show your child the beauties of nature and how to care for flowers, food, and plants.

$29.95 – Best Kids Gardening Set

best kids gardening set

#9 Reusable Eco Easter Eggs

We love our annual Easter egg hunt. The first thing my son does is look out in the backyard to see if the Easter Bunny has hidden any eggs.

Instead of filling the eggs with candy, we have a prize for finding all the eggs. So there’s a note from the Easter bunny that says something like:

“Hop, hop, hop!  I hid a bunch of Easter eggs in your yard while you were sleeping. Hopefully you weren’t peeping!

Find 15 SMALL eggs = PRIZE #1

Find 10 LARGE eggs = PRIZE #2

I left the prizes with your parents to give to you.

Have fun!”

In our family prize one could be an Easter activity book and prize #2 could be a mini Easter Bunny LEGO set.

And we found these eco-friendly Easter eggs that open and close – and love them!

Made from non toxic materials, these eggs are designed with a material completely safe for your child, and you can choose exactly what you want to put in them; healthy candy or prizes. The Eco Friendly Easter eggs securely close, keeping that little secret of who loaded those eggs. Best part is, these eggs can be used all year round. 

$10.99 – Eco Easter Eggs that open and close

eco friendly easter eggs that open and close

We love using Zizzy Bags to collect all the eggs and even better, to store all the eggs afterwards until next year.

These reusable storage bags instead of using plastic are AMAZING! We use them daily in our home and it saves us from using 1000+ plastic bags a year!

  • Washable
  • Eco-Friendly – Reuse!
  • Durable – holds 5-6 lbs!
  • Easy Hang or Hold Loop (perfect for little kids hands to hold on to as they run around and find eggs)
  • See-Through Mesh
  • Fun Designs
  • Zipper

Awarded top 10 best eco gift, ZizzyBee makes it easy to organize life’s clutter.

ENDLESS uses such as:

  • travel (great toiletries bag)
  • snacks
  • an instant-hang shower bag
  • make-up
  • purse clutter
  • baby wipes/diapers
  • art supplies
  • swim gear and sunscreen
  • on-the-go toy bag
  • toy organization
  • cords and chargers
  • stocking stuffer gift
  • teacher gift
  • Halloween candy
  • puzzle pieces
  • game pieces
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

$22.95 – 3-pack Large Reusable Storage Bags instead of plastic

Easter egg bag for kids
eco storage bags instead of plastic

#10 Reusable Water Bottle

The best kids reusable water bottle that is mold resistant is from Yeti. A perfect useful gift for the Easter basket. This water bottle actually withstands the adventures of little kids, and is extremely durable.  Keeping their water ice cold, Yeti water bottle designs feature a straw and prevent leakage.  Both the bottle and cap are dishwasher safe, and completely BPA free. Not only that, but you know those annoying bottles where your hands get wet from the condensation? Not this Eco Water Bottle, its sweat resistant!

$25.49 – best kids reusable water bottle no mold

best kids reusable water bottle no mold

Aside from fun treats in the Easter basket and egg hunt, remember to get outside and play!  Spring weather is so nice after a cold winter — especially where we live in the Northeast.

One more tradition at our home is we love doing an Easter themed scavenger hunt and at the end is an Easter basket that Grammy ships from out of state. I create rhyming clues and it’s super fun. Gets the kids thinking!

Above all, remember the meaning of Easter and make beautiful memories with family and friends.

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