Zizzybee Bags: Washable Zippered Mesh Storage

Zizzybee Bags: Washable Zippered Mesh Storage

Keeping all my son’s “items” organized and easy to find became easier this summer after using one of the ZizzyBee Bags.


Note: I received product sample for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

This summer my son had camp, which was nice to keep him busy and active. But every day was a different camp activity which meant I had to switch items out his bag regularly. Keeping track of what he needed for art class, swimming day or a trip to the park was a juggle.


To help me keep his needed items in one place, I used a ZizzyBee Bag. The bag was a nice size so I was able to fit pack his swim gear including swim pants, shirt, goggles and cap. The mesh helped me see that nothing was missing before adding to his back pack.

The bag has a holder so my son can carry it easily back and forth to the pool. At a quick glance, the mesh also helped him see if he forgot to pack anything. No more lost items!

Our ZizzyBee Bag really came in handy this summer!
ZizzyBee creates innovative, reusable, and washable zippered mesh storage bags. They come in several sizes to hold everything, from snacks to toys and sports equipment. Accented with bright colors and patterns, you can use them over and over, so you won’t be adding to the world’s waste by using resealable plastic bags.

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