Travel Product Reviews: Back to School & Weekend Travel Help

Travel Product Reviews: Back to School & Weekend Travel Help

Hello Parents! Whew, the new school year is happening now!

I’ve recently sampled some new products that aren’t just for travel, they’re good for healthy and organized school kids.

1.- Q ENERGY –  is a healthy sport performance and energy drink mix. Teens can use it as part of their morning breakfast to jump start the day or before practice after school . Parents shake it up for working out or going to work, for early mornings or after late nights. Gluten Free, GMO Free, Yeast Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free and Vegetarian. The combo of B vitamins, herbs, bioflavonoid, and a bit of sugar and caffeine make for a 24oz super drink. They claim it increases energy, alertness and endurance, provides anti-inflammatory & anti-histamine relief, and supports your immune system. Our take: First, it combines with 24 oz of water so we like getting our water intake. Also, biggest difference we noticed was we were energized but without caffeine jitters or sugar rushes.

2.- BIRDIE – Meet Your Hallway Hero. A hand sanitizer that doesn’t look or smell like hand sanitizer; talk about a game changer. Birdie’s delightful scent is a combination of high grade essential oils that bring the tranquility of a spa wherever you go. At 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide, Birdie is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand (and your backpack, tote, briefcase, gym bag or pretty much any other on-the-go carrier you can think of). A clever twist-lock keeps Birdie from spraying in your bag too. Our take: we think it’s really cute and like the all-in-one design of liquid and wipes. The essential oil scents are very pleasing but not overdone.

3.- ZizzyBee Mesh Storage Bags Organize Your Everything!

ZizzyBee creates innovative, reusable, and washable zippered mesh storage bags. They’re see-through, so you’ll always know what’s inside. They come in several sizes to hold everything, from snacks to toys and sports equipment. They’re great for toting your child’s bathing suit, sunscreen, toys and towel to the beach. And they’re just right for on the go snacks. Our take: Useful idea! I immediately saw appeal with see thru and washable attributes. I hate clutter traveling with kids.

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