Stuff We Like: Snow Day Survival Kit

Stuff We Like: Snow Day Survival Kit

With record-low temperatures hitting the Northeast and the rest of the country this winter, there’s bound to be many more snow days in our near future. And when it’s too frigid to enjoy the great outdoors for longer than about 10 minutes, that’s when you fall back on your snow day survival kit (see: craft supplies, books, and board games galore). Don’t have one? You’re in luck! Here are some must-have snow day supplies:

Pack It All Up

When it comes to arts and crafts you need tons of storage for all of your tools and equipment. Storage boxes and bins take up too much space and can quickly become messy and unorganized. ZizzyBee Bags ($15.99-$19.99 for 3-pack) are a practical solution for DIY crafters to store all of their crafting supplies without taking up too much room in the house. The eco-friendly bags come in two convenient sizes with a zipper to keep things in place and a handle for hanging on hooks. The bags are also see-through so you can easily find what you’re looking for but they can also be labeled to keep things well organized. The bags are washable and reusable so if your next art project gets a little messy — no worries! Just wash out the bag and it’s ready to be used once again.  

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