How I Packed For Our Trip To Paradise

How I Packed For Our Trip To Paradise

I love to travel. Many of you know this as my family and I traveled for over a year across the country. And while we are a little more settled now, we are still trying to explore the many treasures offered in our home state of Texas.

With traveling comes packing and worse, unpacking. I don’t mind packing so much. Everything is clean and organized and I am excited for the trip. But the aftermath is not so much fun. Let’s be honest, opening a suitcase stuffed with dirty clothes when returning home exhausted is about the last thing anyone wants to do.

In my travels, I have learned that the better organized I am going into the trip, the easier re-entry is. I love bags that sort smaller items like socks, undies, and bathing suits. Color-coding them for each person makes things even better.

Packing Smarter… and Cuter

Last month, we traveled to South Padre Island for a weekend by the beach. We were very excited but I knew that we were returning to school on Monday so limiting the mess I brought home was imperative. So I tried out ZizzyBee Bags for our mini trip to Paradise.

“I received a set of Zizzybee Bags for the purpose of this review.
All opinions are mine. It is my universe, after all.”

For Little Diva, I chose the cute black and white circles. The larger one carried her delicates and socks and the smaller was perfect for her bathing suits. They sent us on our way without clutter. And the bag served beautifully for damp bathing suits on the return. The bags breathed and kept the wet clothes separate.


Side note, Mr. Hero tried to help and thought it was a laundry bag. He threw the whole bag in the wash with the bathing suit inside. The bag and the suit came out perfect.

They say that they are washable and I can attest that they are. So, that’s a win!

I chose the bright colored bag for myself.


The bags fit easily into those weird spots in the suitcase making the most of the space. I mean, who wouldn’t want to travel with these cute bags?!?

So I will definitely be packing for my nest trip o Paradise (or anywhere else) with Zizzybee Bags.  


P.S. These bags are also great for Barbies and cheer clothes. I’m pretty sure that they will work for just about anything.

Want to learn a little more? Check out their website –

Funny name but smart product!

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